RayGun Rascals of Goosebump Galaxy

Whilst searching for the universes’ tastiest pizza and while running away from galaxies they had turned into turn into pizza, the RayGun Rascals entered The Tiny World of Massive Magic.

The Rascals fired their “Let’s Slow Us Down” ray gun, but fired the “Let’s Make Everything Bigger” ray gun by mistake, shooting a hotdog and then a strawberry. The Rascals decided to crash into the strawberry because they had never seen one before and thought it absolutely hilarious.

Now, just outside of Earth in The Tiny World of Massive Magic, lives the kingdom of The RayGun Rascals of Goosebump Galaxy. So, whatever you do, never, never, ever, let your pizza out of your sight, or the RayGun Rascals may pinch it and blame a dog.

Meet some of the characters from Raygun Rascals

Using a hive mind, all rascals think and agree on the same thing all the time.

Two-eyed rascal

These Rascals think they can see twice as far as a one-eyed Rascal because they have two eyes. Of course, they all agree this is true. They love practical jokes and jetpacks and ray guns and pizza

One-eyed rascal

These Rascals think they can see twice as far as a two-eyed rascal, because their single eye may be a telescope, but they are not too sure. But once again they all agree this is true. Love turning things into pizza and love jetpacks and ray guns. 

Choopy Boo

Head of the advanced pizza development unit. Basically, the brains of the outfit. Chooby Boo’s main job is developing ways of finding pizza across the universe. Choopy is also a wiz at creating ray guns for all manner of problem-solving problems.

Jimmy the Rat

Jimmy, the rat, joined the Rascals in Italy. Perfect pal to have if there's ever trouble. Great at arm wrestling and mixing concrete. He is the kingpin of the Rateno family. Speaks with an Italian-American accent.

The Joker

Head of international mischief at Global Shenanigans Incorporated ( G-SINC). Protected by the Rascals, all the Joker does is cause mayhem throughout the cosmos. The Rascals love this being even more than they love hats. And they love hats a lot! 

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