From The Kingdom of Oborana

A Fall into Grace


If I told you Angels were real, would you believe me?
You should because they jolly well are.
If you need proof, then open these pages and read the true story of when two little sisters not only saw Angels,
but we’re saved by them. As a result, their lives would be transformed forevermore.

Pages 34

From ages 3 – 8

Loved by adults, adored by children. The illustrations are simply exquisite.

No expense was spared in the design and finish of your book. The covers are furnished with majestic foil blocking, sublime spot UV and magnificent embossing.

The books measure a generous 269mm x 215mm enabling the reader to view the fabulous illustrations in all their splendor.

All at the Tiny World of Massive Magic, hope you enjoy reading the books as much as we enjoyed creating them.

From the book