Deep within the heartland of The Tiny World of Massive Magic resides Oborana, realm of the Angels. They govern their world with a magnificent blend of kindness, empathy and reason, with a devotion to seeing good in all.

As our silent guardians, the Angels have watched over life on Earth since its creation. Shielding our world from impending danger, the Angels ask only one thing, with their aid humanity helps bring balance and harmony to the universe. Maybe someday this help could come from you.

Meet some of the characters from Oborana


Oldest of two sisters, Birdie tries her best to keep her younger sibling from crazy antics. Graced with the most addictive giggle Birdie loves adventures, telling stories, playing the piano and drawing maps to make-believe locations. Stubborn in the name of good, Birdie’s demeanour is one we should all be proud to share.


If there is something crazy going on, you can bet your life Dolly is at the centre of it. Hid behind an angelic smile is quite the little daredevil. Blessed with astonishing imagination, equalled only by her thirst for mischief, Dolly will have you regularly saying, What’s Dolly up to now?


Hope is a young Angel born to Oborana. Like all Angels, hope is kind, caring, and empathetic. With her two closest friends Silk and Harmony, Hope keeps a close eye on the children of planet Earth. If you are lucky enough to ever see Hope, you can rest assured she has been or is on her way to performing an act of kindness.


Like her friends, Hope and Harmony, Silk is born from the soul-flower of Oborana. Silk was the youngest Angel ever take flight over the Mountains of Faith. Like her friends, this Angel’s dream is to keep life living, and one-day gain feathered wings, by the good they do.


Born without the ability to speak words, Harmony has been gifted with a harmonious song, sweeter than any lullaby heard. Wise without words no Angel says more without saying a thing. Caring to a fault, a true guardian angel we would all be blessed to look over our loved ones.

Shadow Fairy

Do not let the name fairy lead you to believe these beings are anything other than some of the most powerful life forms to ever have lived. Created after evil forces stole the soul flowers from Oborana, their job is to stop the unwanted entering Oborana in the Tiny World of Massive Magic.

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