Land of What the Heck

Once upon a time, there was a little hotdog stuck on a fork, covered in mystical, magical dust by Chippy, the mischievous pixie. The RayGun Rascals shot the hotdog with their “Let’s Make Everything Bigger” ray gun. Now a whooping hotdog holds the ability to turn anything into life even poo! This land is home to the most whacky, madcap, zany beings who ever graced the Tiny World of Massive Magic.

Ladies and gentlemen. Boys and girls, it’s time to fall in love with the wonderful characters of The Land of What The Heck.

Meet some of the characters from the Land of What the Heck

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Sticky Mcstick

Sticky is a no-nonsense trailblazer and self-proclaimed ruler of, the Land of What the Heck. He acts before he thinks landing himself in all sorts of crazy antics. He's the leader of his gang called the crazy five, although he is the only crazy one.

Pooie Magee

Born from a blend of a monkey turd and pixie dust, Pooie is a kind-hearted being who sees the good in everyone. This adorable little character will never fail to leave a smile on your face and a mess on your shoe.


Born of the planet turf, the magical character known as Grassy once roamed the universe laying a carpet of grass on chosen worlds. Now living in the Land of What the Heck, we have this helpful being to thank for the lush grass which covers our beautiful planet Earth. 


Astro is the most powerful and gifted asteroid ever to roam the universe. His powers were bestowed upon him when flying through the tail of the Tiny World of Massive Magic. He Regularly stops rouge meteors crashing into living planets, and also rescued Grassy, bringing him to his new home in the Land of What the Heck.

Pencil Face

Pencil face is a writer of true tales told from across the cosmos, can speak 1,000,000 languages and is the creator of the first book ever written. Pencil face was found on Earth by Sticky. Every night he reads a story of his travels to the gang. In fact, what you are reading now has been written by him.

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