Land of Lots of Legs

Legend speaks of an Earth once protected by Silex, the creature of rock. Created by the Angels of Oborana, Silex would shield Earth and its creatures in their absence. 65 million years ago, two asteroids came to earth. Silex managed to stop the large one, but the smaller one hit close to where he stood.

Silex held up a part of the Earth, sheltering its creatures from the fires that raged beneath. for thousands of years, Silex smiled as he watched the insect world in the palms of his hands.

When the Angels returned, Silex asked his land to be adopted into their world of safety.

The Angels agreed so asked Silex what his realm should be named. Silex replied, “It’s not my realm. It’s theirs, so it should be called, ‘The land of Lots of Legs’”.

Meet some of the characters from the Land of Lots of Legs

Willy the worm 

This honcho is a stunt worm capable of incredible feats of daring-do whilst on and off his rocket-powered skateboard.  You may ask why Willy, a creature with no arms or legs, lives in this land of many limbs? Well, the answer is quite simple, he's awesome, so Willy can live where Willy chooses.

Amari the ant.

Amari is the strongest ant in the Land of Lots of Legs. He looks out for all insects helping anyone in need. He detests bullies and wants to one day become the first ant to climb Mount Everest.

Charu the caterpillar 

Charu spends most of his time eating and laughing. As a matter of fact, Charu laughs at almost everything. Once she laughed so hard, she thought her head had fallen off. Fortunately, there was a mirror so Charu could see both head and body were still joined together. This made her laugh even more.

Salvadora the spider

Salvadora’s main job in life seems to be stopping Willy the stunt worm from doing too many crazy stunts. Salvadora is admired by all for her ability to think calmly in demanding situations. She can spin the fastest web in the history of spiders, this gift has come in handy for Willy on many occasions.

Dingbang, the beetle

Dingbang lives for turds. Yes, you read correctly, turds, dollops, poo. No one can ever remember Dingbang without one. His favourite game is when his dung beetle brothers roll poo down a hill at him, it's called dollop dodging. 

Squeaky squeak the butterfly

When Squeak awakes, he sometimes forgets he’s a butterfly and scares himself in the mirror. A shining light no matter what the weather, Squeak is possibly the kindest and most thoughtful creature in the Land of Lots of Legs. A true friend to all.

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