Author bios are written by the author as a third person. Now I really don’t see the point in this, so I am going to cut out the middle man.


Bradley Ball, you are a daydreamer!

Now, that was not the first time I had heard those words from a teacher and I was confident it was not going to be the last.

In the early 80s dyslexia was not a word normally found in a teacher’s vocabulary. Although, I certainly recall lazy, and stupid were. I admit to struggling with grammar, but it’s not my fault the educationalists were unable to identify this superpower I possessed. Although dyslexia hindered my written words, it was invaluable for helping with verbal communication. I had to make up for poorly written grammar by talking classmates round for help. Now I pay someone to proofread my nonsensical gibberish, although I am a little wary parting with money. I mean, how will I know if they have actually done it!

Throughout secondary school, I was thrown out of more English classes than I can remember. Most of the time for questioning something I did not agree with. Case in point, my English teacher said in all seriousness he was building a time machine! I questioned the validity of this outlandish statement, mainly due to the fact he was an English teacher and not an astrophysicist working for NASA. After being ejected from the classroom, I began my first book. Ironically titled, The Book With No Name.

The here and now

The single biggest influence in my life was and still is, my dear old dad. A quick-witted, kind-hearted showman who wrote many, many humorous monologues published in various magazines and newspapers. Dad would read me stories like James and the Giant Peach, or Charley and the Chocolate Factory. But the best stories were the ones he made up. I guess this is why, from an early age, I have always written and later in life became a standup comedian.

The future

I can’t tell the future, no one can, although I’m pretty confident my English teacher is still working on it.
My motivation behind the creation of The Tiny World of Massive Magic is to rekindle the imagination of grownups and nurture that of the young


Our imagination is the entity that should define us as a person. It’s our creativeness, our ability to formulate our future.

Imagination is the desire behind reaching for the stars, writing a song, or creating a better future for the human race.

Imagination is our story waiting to be written. Every day is a new page, every year is a new chapter. Don’t let others write it, take back the pen and engrave each page like it’s your last.


“Imagination is more important than knowledge. Knowledge is limited. Imagination encircles the world.”

– Albert Einstein



Do not let the limitations of your imagination be set by the limits of those without.”

– Brad Ball